We have to change Pakistan : Nawaz Sharif

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif – while addressing a mammoth gathering at Rawalpindi late Wednesday night – took a pledge from the people that they would get their mandate respected.

The former Premier reached Rawalpindi’s Committee Chowk in a rally 12 hours after departing from the Punjab House, Islamabad.

Speaking to a large crowd, which had come out to support him, Sharif said, "Promise me you would get your mandate respected. Promise me you won’t allow your Prime Minister to be humiliated this way”.

"If you do not protect your rights, they will continue to be snatched away from you,” he told his supporters.

"The judges said there is no corruption case against Nawaz Sharif, so why was I disqualified? I leave this for history to determined,” Sharif – who has held the PMship three times – noted.

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